Coventry Kessler

If You Were Mine to LoveCoventry Kessler


If you were mine to love,
I’d paint your toenails red,
Twine ivy through your hair,
Spill wine from the alabaster cup
To drink from your wine-sweet skin…

Listen here: 


Coventry Kessler, a staff writer and editor at UNCG, is also a poet and a crank. Unlike Wordsworth (“emotion recollected in tranquility”), Coventry writes “in hot blood” and, sadly for legitimate aspirations, mostly about love. Her poems have appeared in “Iris Magazine,” numerous yellow pads, and emails with a friend she’s not embarrassed to show them to. She has fussed at fellow WGOT poets since 2005 and was delighted to get her grubby little paws on this anthology as a primary editor.


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