Gail Barger

Arboreal AriaGail Barger


It stood near the sidewalk,
giant arms stretched outward,
sylvan hair twisted
dramatically to one side,
face contorted by a gaping
gnarled mouth.

At first I thought
the tree a monster,
long, low and deep.
A wail originating from
its very roots
expelled into the universe
with heart wrenching intensity.
A release of such
turbulent magnificence
summons angels, devils,
shatters hearts,
cracks the sky.
Something beyond
human ears thundered
through my senses.
An arboreal aria,
operatic, transcendent, ancient.
I, the only human recipient.

Listen here: 


Gail Barger began writing poetry at a young age as a way of expressing her feelings and observations, a personal method of keeping a journal. It was after her retirement from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University that she began to examine her work with a new eye and started attending poetry workshops. This will be her first publication.


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