Lynne M. Bowman

Yard in Late WinterLynne M Bowman


The low slung yellow moon blurs and stars dim
in the rising haze of late winter warming, the budding
trees begin to block the sky too early, their green
at night the sweet sick scent of spring becoming.

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Lynne Martin Bowman was Comstock Review’s 2009 Jessie Bryce Niles National Chapbook Contest Winner for her 2010 chapbook, “Water Never Sleeps.” She was “Sonora Review’s” Poetry Prize Winner, a 2011 “Crab Orchard Review” Poetry Prize finalist, received honorable mention in the Randall Jarrell Poetry Competition, and was twice an Emily Dickinson Award finalist. Her work has appeared in “Southern Poetry Review,” “Mississippi Review”, “International Poetry Review,” “Sow’s Ear Poetry Review,” “Grasslands’ Review,” and “International Icarus.” She lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her husband and rescued dogs and cat.


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